Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pilgrim's Rest to Cape Town

Again we are up at the crack of dawn to have breakfast.
Did you know? Masks and drums are not native to southern Africa, they came from the north.
In the Graskop area they were having controlled burns and firefighters were hanging out everywhere. We went to God's Window (having been to Blyde River Canyon yesterday), but it was foggy, so not much of a view. This was another day with much time in the bus. We did pass a huge Buddhist temple and monastery.

The Zulu History in a Nutshell (Jenni's version): Zulus migrated 800 years ago. Starts with Sensanga Bulla and Nandi. Nandi got pregnant and then they were outcasts. Her son, Shaka, swore vengeance on anyone who didn't accept him and his mother. He started by defeating people in hand to hand combat and eventually took over his father's tribe. He was a very strong warrior with very strict and cruel methods.

Jo-burg: Everything in the cities seems to be fenced and gated. In reading the gossip magazine "YOU", many people have razor wire fences, armed response, and security systems.
I'm glad the flight from Joburg to Cape Town wasn't any longer, I was in the smallest middle seat ever.
Advertisement of the day: _o' _urg (it's not the same without the J&B)

Our excitement this evening was just after leaving the airport and driving in a township area when something was thrown at the bus, cracking the front windshield and busting the window next to Leonard, across from me. It was a little scary.

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