Saturday, June 10, 2006

Chobe National Park

Game Drive #2 6:00AM: giraffe, acacia tree, impala, more franklins, hippos, we saw Namibia across the river, fish eagle, sausage tree, black smith plover, comb duck, crowned plover, black shouldered kite, cape buffalo, cattle egrets, ox pecker, gray heron, sable antelope .What do you do if you are charged by a Cape buffalo? Lie on the ground, the horns are curved'd have a hard time getting gored, although you might get trampled.
We ventured into Kasane town during the day. Lots of flowering trees, including plumeria and bougainvillea. We went into the grocery store, very few refrigerated / frozen items. Like at Costco, they check your receipt when you leave.
In Botswana school is free and mandatory, in Kasane town things look pretty good.
In the afternoon we took a water safari, which was outstanding! There is so much wildlife along the shore and in the water. We saw: water monitor lizard, baboons, impala, kudus, mongoose, crocodiles, hippos, elephants, the jacara (Jesus bird), yellow "squako" heron, African skimmer. We finished with an amazing sunset, picure perfect over the water with an elephant in the forefront. The head guide was O.B. His real name is hard to say, but translated it means "to bring back." His older brother died before he was born so his mother named him because he was the son who was "brought back." Dinner included carved impala with cranberry sauce. Tomorrow we have another O dark 30 game drive before we leave to cross the river back to Zambia and fly to Johannesburg

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