Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

In the normal course and scope of vacation, I don't sit around and think to myself, "Jen, you know what would be awesome?   Climbing on top of a bridge!"

Except in Sydney, Australia.    As you're in the park or on a harbour cruise, you take a bazillion shots of the bridge (similar to Mt. Rushmore syndrome).     If you crank up the zoom, then on the arches of the bridge you see tiny dots.    Are they giant, man-eating ants?    No.   They are bridge climbers.  

There they are....tiny bridge climbers

It's definitely a once in a lifetime experience.    And one where you cannot take photos while you're doing it. You just have to enjoy it while it happens and file it away in your memory banks.    Why can't you take a camera?  Because you are climbing above a bridge where there are people driving below you.    One careless fumble of your camera or phone, and it drops down and potentially breaks someones windshield and causes a 15 car pile up.  They take a photo of your group at the you have a souvenir (other than a stylish before or after picture in a jumpsuit).  

Oh yeah....this was the 2007 jumpsuit
Now, every time I see a picture of Sydney Harbour, whether it's the bridge or the opera house, I think of this bridge climb.    And it makes me smile (just like I did in this fabulous photo).  

What's one of your favorite "once in a lifetime" vacation memories?

If you're interested in climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, click here


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