Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Balloons and Bikes - Colorado Style

This past weekend was my fifth time participating in the Colorado Bike MS.   It's a big party on bikes...with a few hills thrown in for good measure.    As we were riding somewhere between mile 10 and mile 30 I told my Mom that last year I had seen hot air balloons.

And then we turned a corner and BOOM!  The early morning Saturday sky was full of them.    What a gorgeous backdrop for our ride.

And there they were!
When we hit rest stop #2 we were in the heart of the balloon action.   Everyone had their phones out to take a quick shot while fueling up on water and bananas.

Have I mentioned how much I love Colorado?
I think that Bike MS is a great event to get into, no matter where you live.   You can prove to yourself that you can do more than a casual ride to the farmer's market or ice cream shop.

If you get a view like this, that's just icing on the cake.

Have you done a long distance fundraising bicycle event before?   Which one?   

It's true.   Google Reader is gone.   Yesterday I could read it on my phone and today?  Nada.   Good thing I've migrated all my favorite reads to Bloglovin'.

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