Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Australia Week: Barrier Reefin'

Otherwise known as the finest photos you can take with a disposable waterproof camera when you were really more interested in the colors, the fish, being in the ocean, being visible from space and the hope of finding Nemo...

GBR (aka Great Barrier Reef) Fact #1 
It's the world's largest reef system

GBR Fact #2 
17 species of sea snake live in the reef
I didn't see any snakes, thankfully. 
Have you seen a sea snake?

GBR Fact #3
The GBF can be seen from outer space!

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  1. Just came across your blog! Wow I'm just a little jealous you have been to the GBR! I really want to go... though I tend to find myself further afield than Australia... but I guess that's kinda normal for us kiwis!

    1. When I went to Australia, I was asking a friend where Aussies went on vacation when they were just going for a week or so. I was really jealous when she said, "oh, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore....". Flying from the states, all those places are a big trip unto themselves. Where do you like to go from New Zealand?

    2. People tend to do to the islands like Rarotonga etc :)
      That is true! but any trip except across to Auzzie is big for us! sometimes depending where you go in Australia it can be a big trip!

  2. Love these pictures. So pretty!



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