Monday, June 10, 2013

The Changing Face of Youth Mission Trips


Building Houses in Guatemala - 2010
It's Sunday morning.   I'm drinking my coffee.  
And checking the progress of the 2013 youth mission trip via Twitter.    
Live updates as the mission team heads to Chicago by (slow-moving) train.
(the time machine travels back 20+ years....)
It makes me think back to my first youth mission trip from Wisconsin to Ontario, Canada.    I was in 6th grade.    We drove via carpool.   At each rest stop you had to switch cars so that you would meet new people.   Each car had a CB radio to keep in touch.  Mom knew I was having a good time because I sent her a postcard.      
Some things don't change.   Kids are excited to go away from home.  They stay up late at night.  Everyone gets dirty and doesn't care.  Uno is back in style.   Girls take a break from wearing makeup.
Some things do change.   Technology is the big one.   Kids are asked to leave their cell phones at home.   The goal is to be 100% in the moment with the people you are serving. 
The important thing?  Kids taking time off in the summer to serve others. 
Did you go on a mission trip as a kid?   Or as an adult?   What was your best experience serving others?     

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