Saturday, June 22, 2013

No Body Snark Saturday

Wearing bike shorts immediately humbles you.



Every spring I put these sexy things on to prepare for Bike MS.   And every year there are pictures.  
You're hot.   You're sweaty.  You're sore and just want a beer snow cone.  

Pictures.   After biking.   It's all there.  Out there.   

And then I realize that in spite of the spandex it's pretty damn amazing to ride that far.   

2 days and 150 miles later...

On Thursday, Sally over at Unbrave Girl had a great post: "The No Body-Snark Diet and Full-Length Photo Challenge."   She's hilarious and you should definitely hop over and read a few (like this one about Buzz Ballz...among other things).     To join in the fun, I present a few full-length photos to celebrate being awesomely myself, and being able to things like:


Or, when it gets real wild...

There you have it.    Find a full length photo of yourself and get to sharing.  
Have a body snark free weekend!


  1. Wahoo! Look at you and your biker shorts go! And, yes, 150 miles on a bike? That isn't just pretty darn amazing, it's AMAZING AMAZING. Go you!

  2. YAY for Amazing! Thanks for writing such an inspiring post to kick it all off.



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