Sunday, June 2, 2013

Albuquerque Ghost Tour

A full moon ghost tour deserves to be shot in dramatic black and white!

As we drove down the long, lonely highway that is I-25, we made a stop at the New Mexico visitor center in Raton.    A brochure that caught our eye was for a ghost tour in Albuquerque.   Even better - they had late night tours when there was a full moon.   How convenient for us.  
This is how we like to learn our history.
In the dark.   By lantern light.  
Old Town gets pretty quiet when the sun goes down.   Even more so by 10pm.   We met our guide, Meredith,  right off the plaza.    There were two other groups that departed at the same time.  We never saw them again.   Scarlet, Elizabeth, the Hatchet Lady and the Lady in Black: these were the stories we heard.  Houses of ill-repute (or negotiated affection), saloons, churches, cemeteries, and things hidden in plain sight all were part of the experience.  
This was my first ghost tour.
If the opportunity to go on one again in another city, I'm in.
I have to say, I'm now a fan.  
If you're visiting Albuquerque, say yes to Ghost Tours of Old Town
 Have you ever been on a ghost tour or haunted history tour?   Which cities are a must? 

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