Monday, October 22, 2012

What about 2013?


I don't have ANY trips scheduled for 2013 other than a ski trip with Mom to Beaver Creek.   BC is only 2 hours away and still in state.  It will be fun, but I don't consider it a trip, per se.

Normally I have things on deck.  Reservations.  Visas.  Plans.

Right now, I don't.  

{I'm not much of a planner EXCEPT when it comes to travel.    I have it down.  Just ask my friends.   In the spring one friend blithely asked me if I wanted to go someplace warm later this year.    Before she could blink, the trip was planned and the deposit made.}

I've talked to family and friends.  Pondered volunteer vacations.

I've thought about the states I've neglected. 
Alaska.  North Dakota.  The Carolinas.  Mississippi. 
Rhode Island.  Delaware.  Connecticut.

My blank slate is refreshing.  And terrifying.

What should I do in 2013?


  1. I realized yesterday during a rant that 2013 for Danny will revolve around a trip to Wisconsin. Although we do have flights booked to Dayton and New York City. Nothing against your state, but that is not good enough for me. If you're game for traveling with me again, I enjoyed my first "Salisbury style" trip.

  2. I agree, 2013 shouldn't revolve around Wisconsin. Let's start pondering...

  3. I vote for the Carolinas!



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