Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Journey or the Destination?

This week's Five Minute Friday prompt is Race.  Obviously I'm not much of a racer, since I seem to be more of a Five Minute Saturday person...


The word race implies one of two things.    1) a finish line   2) a defined winner

I'm not big into competition.   I don't really care about winning, I just want to have a good time.    It seems there are a lot of motivational memes comparing life to a race.   You can't win if you don't play and all that.    So I feel that I fall into the "journey is the destination" camp.   I enjoy the process more than the final result in many situations.     

A few weeks ago I jogged/walked quickly in a 5k called Color Me Rad.  It was not about the time or the finish, but about being with friends....while people were throwing color on you.     Now, there was in fact a finish line.   And that's where the fun continued with a giant color war.   Two of my friends waited there just to pelt me with color.   And then it was on.  

There is joy in planning, plotting, organizing, and preparing.   I liken it to travel.   The trip itself is always amazing and you come back changed, but the pre-planning is part of the fun.   What are you going to do?   Where will you go?   What will it feel like?  

Coming home with a souvenir or tan is the "finish line."   The training (planning / prepping) and the race itself (the trip) are the real prize. 


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