Monday, October 15, 2012

A Kindle of my Own

I'm not sure what took me so long.  

I didn't stand up on a soap box and scream to the masses "If it's not bound, I don't want it!" 
Nor did I jump on it when it first came out "This is new technology and I MUST have it!"

But like almost anything, you need to try it for yourself and see if it works for you.    There was a best-selling trilogy that my sister and I wanted to read (Let's call it FSOG for short).       Good luck trying to get one of the books from the library, you'll be hold #131 and will get your copy in 2013.

And then an unlikely hero saving us from having to spend money or wait endlessly.  A friend loaned us her Kindle.   It was my first time giving an e-book a chance. 

I wasn't sure how I'd feel.    Would it be as comfortable as reading a book?  As easy as throwing a magazine in my purse?  Would the dreaded "blue light" that comes from my computer and cell phone be there, waking my brain up when I was trying to read before bed? 

Yes.   Yes.   No. 

It just took one book (well, actually three, since it was a trilogy) and I became a believer.  

Now I have a little kindle all of my own.   The $69 special.   I don't need color.   I don't need apps.  
I just wanted something small and light.   Perfect for my daily ride on the light rail.   Perfect for my upcoming vacation, and the quality time waiting in airports and flying that it will entail. 

If I needed another reason to love the public library: you can check out e-books for free.  My love for book and magazines won't go away.   I enjoy browsing in the library to see what's new.   What catches my eye.   

I'm not going paper free.   
I'm just expanding my reading horizons.
And lightening my load.

When did you make the switch to e-books?  

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  1. I finally got the basic Kindle when I heard about a good sale earlier this year. My Dad and sister promised me I would love it, and I do! I also found myself asking what took me so long.



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