Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gnome Nabbing - Would You Do It?

Photo Credit:  Travelocity
Yesterday I read about The Great Gnome Nabbing contest that Travelocity is running.     The winner and a friend will be taken (hence the nabbing) on a month long trip to six unspecified locations around the world (well...they are kind of specified in the all the official rules, terms and conditions...it looks like the winner will hit 4 continents.   Awesome.) 

Valued at $65,000.    
I don't think the winner will be hosteling.   
Maybe they will even fly business class.

Side Note:  I aspire to fly business or first class without paying for it.    In all my travels, I've only been upgraded once, and that was on a four hour flight from Puerto Rico.     I milked those four hours for all they were worth.   Another cocktail?   Yes, please.  

The trip departs on 11/29/12 and returns on 12/23/12. 

In under two months.    
This kind of contest appeals to the real adventurer.  
Someone who has at least 10 open pages in their passport. 
The kind who can and will pick up and go.   

The thought of this kind of trip is very exciting.   Not in a "wouldn't that be nice someday" sort of way.   But in a "could I really make it work right now in 2012?" sort of way.    In a "could I sell it to my boss?" sort of way.  

Like the lottery, you can't win if you don't play.    If you want to win you have to submit a 60 second video telling them why.

Where would you want to go if you nabbed?

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