Friday, August 5, 2011

Project 365 - July 11-20

July 11 - a small nativity from Bethlehem
July 12 - BBQ gyro from Renzio's
July 13 - Seminar at Invesco Field
July 14 - Sometimes all you want is pizza
July 15 - They saw dogs can learn 165 words...I think she just knows "cookie"
July 16 - Delicious breakfast at Syrup including
beignets (above) and amazing corned beef hash (below)

July 17 - Tin Star is the place in Evergreen for BBQ and donuts
together in perfect harmony (above)
I wish I thought of these magnets (below)

July 18 - Rockies Game
July 19 - Imagine that, more rain
July 20 - The accounting office made leis for our office

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