Monday, August 22, 2011

The Chey Dog as an Investment

Today I was reading on a post called "The 10 Best Things I Ever Bought".   On the author's list at #4 is his dog, Major.    He got his dog in 2003, the same year I adopted Chey (although Chey is 9 years old since she wasn't a puppy...AND according to some horrible chart that was in an email, she is now "geriatric.")  I knew when I got her that I would have her through many of my upcoming life experiences (relocation, buying a house, etc).  I don't know how much I've spent on Chey over her life.   She's been very healthy.   But I've spent quite a bit in boarding costs over the years especially when I was traveling.   Friends with dogs and my sister as a roommate have cut down my expenses in this category in the past two years.   She ranks right up there with the money I spend on travel for life experiences.      

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