Friday, August 26, 2011

No, I don't need a letter opener: The battle against free swag

Swag - it hides in my kitchen cabinet

I don't want any more swag.

College is your first visit to the land of swag and you love it!   On the Quad you say yes to free pizza, t-shirts, highlighters, and stress balls.  Career fairs are the next level.  You talk to recruiters from companies you would never work for simply for a chance to spin the prize wheel and win a can coozie.    Today I was at a worker's comp seminar.   I know, you're jealous.   The minute I walked in I got my copy of the materials on a logoed jump drive.   I could then grab a water bottle and a pen holder...but I didn't.   

I don't need any more t-shirts.   I can only sip from one water bottle and one coffee mug at a time.   I'm not ambidextrous so I only need one pen.   In general?  I don't want any more crap and I feel bad giving it away or throwing it away.   My solution?  I don't take it.   I don't care that's free.  I don't want to carry it.  I don't want to store it. 

Chapstick.  If you need a logo giveaway, pick chapstick.   You can never have too much.

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