Thursday, February 3, 2011

Project 365 - January 24-27

Wow, time is flying by quickly and it's already February.  Time for a bit of catch up.
 January 24 - Free Birthday Noodlebowl from Noodles and Co...yet another reason to register on their websites.
January 25 - Gourmet popcorn from Two Haute Cowgirls, made here in Colorado.  I tried the Mutton Bustin' Milk Chocolate.
 January 26 - We actually watched the DVD of the presentation that was done in the Quad Cities about our upcoming trip to Tanzania.   The packing presentation done by Safari Line was brilliant.   I didn't know that I could handle someone explaining how to pack a suitcase since I've done it a lot, but I learned things!
January 27 - The SIA Snow Show hits Denver.  I don't remember what this company sells, but I liked the question.

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