Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project 365 - January 9th-11th

Sunday was a snow day.  I made it to church, but didn't leave my house by car after that.  We took a trip by foot to the mini mart to grab a few things.   The Chey-dog loves the snow.   We opted for the scientific weather ruler on the deck to measure the snow fall.  

January 9 -  Chey in the snow
January 9 - Weather ruler at 5.5 inches

 January 9 - Snowy Tree
January 10 - Weather ruler at 7 inches on Monday morning
January 10 - The weather reporters said it was the coldest day in the year...hopefully they mean the past year and not just in 2011
January 11 - I remain optimistic that a cluttered desk really is the sign of an organized mind

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