Saturday, January 8, 2011

Project 365 - January 7th & 8th

Food and fun this weekend!
Celebrated special occasions and no occasiona at all with different groups of friends all over Denver.  

January 7 - Downtown in lights 
January 7 - Larimer Square 
January 7 - Big margaritas and burritos at Lime

(so, not pictured, but I got a great first haircut at ZandiK Salon near the Santa Fe arts district...I won a gift card at a silent auction and realized that a good haircut should be more than just a once a year occasion) 

Then I decided to visit Cake Crumbs, the bakery in Park Hill responsible for the awesomeness that is the Denver Cupcake Truck.  The truck has received a lot of press this week due to issues with city zoning.   This past year food trucks have really been popular in Denver.   I had my first cupcake truck cupcake at City Park Jazz this past summer and since then have followed their location and flavor of the day on Facebook.  Had a tasty breakfast burrito, coffee, and of course, a cupcake.
January 8 - Cake Crumbs, 2216 Kearney Street, Denver

January 8 - Spicy Chocolate, cupcake of the day

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