Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Project 365 - January 17-19th

Lots of eating out this week - no complaints from me. 
It's a week of seeing friends and enjoying the annual pre-birthday celebration.
January 17 - Whole grain tortilla on the blackened mahi mahi burrito.  My trainer should be proud.

January 17 - My sister has started her typhoid series - we got a complete informational packet including fridge and mirror clings.  The highlight is the reminder bracelet.  In fact she is rocking it right now in preparation for her Wednesday night at 10:15 dose.
January 18 - Ahi Sandwich at Citron Bistro with two of my favorite people. 
January 18 - One of my favorite people

January 19 - Pre-birthday breakfast at Snooze. My southwest pancake came complete with a candle!

 January 19 - Happy Hour at Katie Mullens including my birthday dessert, also with candle, a fantastic Bailey's cheesecake.
January 19 - The snow that caught everyone off guard.  50 degrees this morning...people weren't thinking coats and hats.  Surprise.

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