Saturday, August 14, 2010

Suitcases with Missing Feet

A friend forwarded me an article from the NY Times called "But Will It Make You Happy?"  The article references that how you spend your money, on things or on experiences may determine how happy you are.  One of the people in the article decided to start get rid of stuff and actually worked her way down to 100 personal possessions.   I'm not sure if I want to go that far, but I am a big believer that spending money on experiences, rather than things, is the way to go.   This may explain why I have a 11 year old car and an old (no flat screen, no high def) TV, while traveling extensively.   I told my friend that explained why all my suitcases are beat up and missing feet.  For the longest time, my mom has been an advocate of gifts that don't require dusting.   She'd rather try new restaurants, travel, go to a  festival or even get help around the house, than one more thing that requires cleaning.   She downsized two years ago from the big house we lived in during high school, so a smaller condo that requires no lawn mowing.  She has been in Europe the past three weeks, guilt tall weeds in her yard making the neighbors wonder.  One of the people in the article also pared her kitchen down to 4 plates and 2 pots.  But since I like to cook, and when you share it with others, it's an experience, I don't think that's where my downsizing will go.   It was a great article and I encourage you to think on what you could minimize in order to maximize happiness.

The summer happiness countdown continues....
#45 Wine Time
#46 Annual Yard Game Olympics (and hasta luego)
#47 Patio Parties
#48 Spontaneous road trips that include gelato and fried pickles (see previous post)
#49 Co-workers who buy you coffee AND workday visits to the Denver Cupcake Truck
#50 Other peoples kids - not going to lie.  They are cute for a short period of time. 

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