Thursday, August 26, 2010

Operation Beautiful

Intrigued about a "movement" that I heard about on the radio this past week: Operation Beautiful.   The idea is simple.  Using post-it notes to put up messages of encouragement (specifically for women) in public places.  Mirrors are an obvious choice, but in perusing their website you can use your creativity.    Who wouldn't want to see a note in a dressing room that says "You look hot." 
Proof again, that small, simple, free, ideas can really make a difference. 

The summer fun update:
#54 Movie Tavern
#55 Brunch at Toast followed by Yogurt Land
#56 The spontaneous gift of a coffee grinder
#57 Fun new clothes (thinking ahead to the beach in November)
#58 Chey goes to the dog park!
#59 Making Crepes (learned how yesterday - made them at home today)

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