Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pursuit of Ice Cream

There are many things that you can be dedicated to.   Trying new ice cream might be my calling.  Once as an ice breaker the question was what job would you have if you could be anything in the world.  My decision:  International Ice Cream Taster.  Combining ice cream and travel....what more could I want.  This summer I've been seeking out local ice cream parlors and have enjoyed Liks, Bonnie Brae, Pajama Baking Company, and today I tried Sweet Action. It wasn't intentional.  I was on my way to Spicy Basil for dinner and passed Sweet Action.    It wasn't just coincidence that it started raining after dinner.  I could walk to my car or walk for ice cream.  Tough choice.  And they had a fun flavor selection so I enjoyed Cinnamon Cannoli and Ginger Lemon Cookie.  Yum. 

Summer Fun Update
#51 Another Rockies Game - sadly we lost
#52 My first Holy Smokes Church BBQ
#53 New Eats including: JW Marriott in Cherry Creek, Spicy Basil and Sweet Action (all in one day)

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