Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tasty Colfax

Dine arounds are definitely my thing.  Tonight we participated in the Tasty Colfax, covering 14 restaurants in a 7 block stretch near the Tattered Cover.  I will take you on an exterior tour of our gastro-adventure.

Our first stop - BBQ sliders

3014 - unexpected rooftop bar, but not enough food

Mmm--french toast and $1 margaritas

Lovely Confections - yes, the chocolate cupcake with sea salt caramel frosting was lovely

Jamaican chicken salad

Pad Thai

Steve's Snappin' Dogs w/ greenbeans and limeade

Prime Rib french dip with horseradish

Long skinny slices of cheesy pizza - also the home of the Biscuit Bus that
goes to the Cherry Creek Farmers Market.

Hooked on Colfax for gelato and vegan donuts - with a outdoor performance by Itchy-O.
Can't really describe their music, but they had their own dancing dragon.

Sadly The Shoppe was out of cupcakes when we arrived,
but we got buy one get one coupons,
so we'll be back!

Summer Fun (continued)
#38 Relay for Life at Washington Park
#39 Another City Park Jazz and Denver Cupcake Truck Experience (lime!)
#40 Tasty Colfax

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