Sunday, July 4, 2010


After a long bus ride from Salamá on Friday June 18, we finally arrived in Antigua.  A lot of the kids commented on the number of  "gringos" compared to Salamá.   On Friday night we went out to dinner at Mono Loco, which is an American style sports bar well known for their ginormous nachos.  
Angela and I shared the Nachos Apocolypto.
Giant Nachos at Mono Loco

We stayed at a great little hotel right across from the market called the Santa Lucia #4.   We had the whole hotel to ourselves.   They had a great rooftop terrace.   Saturday morning, we made a sponsors coffee run to Cafe Barista, the Guatemalan version of Starbucks.  The Moca Menta was delicious.  We made this run before 6am, so there was no one on the streets which was great for taking pictures.   In the afternoon, our "Baquet" (banquet without the n) activity was a combination scavenger hunt and shopping trip.  I could have definitely spent another day or two here just relaxing.   It was our opportunity on our trip to use our bargaining skills, which is always good practice.  I got a scarf, earrings and a few gifts. 
View from the rooftop terrace at our hotel
Our hotel, Santa Lucia #4
View from the plaza
Group picture during scavenger hunt
At the fountain in the plaza
The colorful streets

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