Thursday, July 22, 2010

No Reservations

When I was visiting my family in northern Wisconsin, Anthony Bourdain came up in conversation more than once.   My parents went to hear him speak in Green Bay and had a good time.  I don't have the Travel Channel, so I'm not completely up to speed, but traveling the world and eating sounds like the best job in the world.  So I got No Reservations, one of his books, at the library this week.   Just some brief funny and/or sarcastic commentary of some of the places, food and characters that they have filmed.   And in Anthony's opinion, there are places that have really bad food.  Which is true.   At the end of the book there is a shout out to cooks, which I really enjoyed, since that was my first real job, and I've been in the hospitality business ever since. 

"Being a chef or a cook is like being in the Mafia:  once in, never out.  And it is a beautiful thing, it turns out, to be a made member of the International Fraternity of People Who Cook." 

There is a also a section on the best and worst of international bathrooms, and I had to laugh, because there is a picture of a Japanese toilet that is very similar to one that I took in the Narita airport last year.  Never have I seen that many options. 

(and for a summer fun update)
#33 Dinner at Piatti in Cheery Creek
#34 Fun at the Wine Loft for my first time attending a book release party
#35 Wine and Games night - introduced to a new game called Wits and Wagers
#36 Dinner at Pastor Bell's house and the anticipation of a trip to Israel next summer
(because I love to have numerous trips on's what makes life enjoyable)
#37 Introduction to TV show Psych.  I appreciate sarcasm and games involving pineapples.  The pizza didn't hurt either.

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