Sunday, July 4, 2010

Carrera en Comalapa

On our last full day in Guatemala we also did a project with Aguas de Unidad (Healing Waters International).  I had a chance last summer to go to Chiapas, Mexico on a trip with them as well, so it was great to support their efforts in Guatemala, too (you can read about my experience here).   ADU was a co-sponsor for a 10k race in Comalapa.   Now, Comalapa is not a place that sees a lot of Americans, and we were able to enjoy it for the authentic experience that it was.   A lot of the ladies in Comalapa wear traditional dress, which is very beautiful. 
Lots of ladies balance goods on their heads

Hermanas (sisters) at the finish line

The boys won a prize in a contest

Blue shirts take over Comalapa

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