Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where's My Corkscrew?

(from the simple woman's daybook)

I am thinking...that a massage would be awesome.    

I am thankful for...a job that is a lot of fun, including opportunities to bartend and visit with our guests. 

I am good it feels to sleep in. 

I am make another pitcher of Sangria this weekend. 

I am currently reading...Street Game by Christine Feehan.  Very happy to get an Arapahoe County library card, the branch closest to my house is awesome. 

I am figure out more vacation plans for this year.  A good problem to have.   I think "a little piece of the Netherlands floating in the Carribean" seems like a good idea.

On my mind...the family of one of my co-workers who passed away earlier this month. 

Noticing volcano on a small island in the North Atlantic can wreak havoc. 

Pondering these words... "They say that I can move the mountains and send them crashing into the sea
They say that I can walk on water, If I would follow and believe with faith like a child."

From the kitchen...the bowl of cuties is full, does that count?

Around the house...I am not home long enough to see my house.   

One of my favorite things...a Dark Cherry Mocha at Starbucks. 

Pictures.....London (April 2008)


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