Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Daybook (pay it forward edition)

(from the simple woman's daybook)

So the weather...fantastic today.  Enjoyed walking to and from Starbucks and to class from the train station.  Of course there is supposed to be a dramatic change for the weekend.

I was thinking...about asking to borrow an extension ladder from work when a co-worker reminded me that he would come and paint my window frame.  Sweet!

I am thankful endless array of restaurants to try this summer.  Enjoyed the Tin Star on Sunday (see previous post).  Yes donuts and bbq are a good combination.

I did not know...that tomorrow (April 29) is Pay It Forward Day.  As if you need an excuse to do nice things for's kind of like "Make a Difference Monday."

I the gym.  Go me!

I am a Kentucky Derby party where this an option to wear big hats.  And drink mint juleps.

I am currently reading...Unlikely Destinations (the lonely planet story) by Tony and Maureen Wheeler.  I just finished the fun read With a Twist by Deidre Martin.

I am hoping...the Furry Vengeance is an awesome movie.  Pre-screening tickets through Defenders of Wildlife.

Noticing sister knows all things I like and can list it on a moment's notice.

From the kitchen...made a mess making a delicious baked potato soup on Monday. 

One of my favorite things...marzipan. 

Picture...Huntington Beach 2009

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