Sunday, April 25, 2010

Westword as a Restaurant Guide

In the past few weeks, I have remembered to pick up a copy of Westword.  In addition to the scintillating column "Ask a Mexican" and all the 'medicine' promotions, there are restaurant reviews and ads.   As the weather gets nicer (in general, except for now while it's snowing) more restaurants open their patios.  Who doesn't love a good patio?

Last week, based solely on an advertisement claiming the best ice cream in Denver, we visited the Pajama Baking Company on Pearl Street.  I had macadamia nut brittle ice cream - delicious.  

This week I saw an ad for the Tin Star Cafe in Evergreen that specializes in Colorado BBQ and hand crafted donuts and apple fritters.  Of course BBQ and donuts are a great combination. Needless to say, after church we drove up the hill.  Pulled pork sandwich, chips and a fritter bits.  Another excellent choice. 

But are all random pairings good pairings?  In the parking lot of the H-Mart, my favorite Asian grocery store, there is a restaurant called Pho Yo!  I'm not sure if Vietnamese pho and frozen yogurt are a perfect match.  Maybe I'll be brave enough to try it sometime.

Last summer I dedicated to trying new things.  This year I may specifically aim for trying new (preferably non-chain) restaurants.  Bon Appetit!

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