Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lost on Planet China (daybook edition)

(from the simple woman's daybook)

Outside my window...snow this morning and a beautiful afternoon.  And I have a new window to look out too.   How awesome it would be to have a window in my office at work.  Though it would probably overlook the loading dock.

I am thinking...that I can't be impressed by a cell phone company that is 'now in 50 states.'  Really?

I am thankful sister getting to Denver safely. 

I am wearing...Spanish class clothes. 

I am fantastic the Straight No Chaser concert was last night.  The Boulder Theater is a great venue.  I need to explore Boulder more thoroughly.

I am Beaver Creek this weekend.  Love 'not exactly roughing it.'

I am currently reading...Lost on Planet China by J. Maarten Troost.
"The culinary possibilities in China are endless.  Why not yak? Or cat?  Or swan?  Or bullfrog? Or live squid?  Why limit ourselves to pigs, lambs and chickens.  And why dine on cow but not their big, shaggy cousin, the yak?....In China, we eat everything with fou legs except the table, and anything with two legs except a person.  Splendid, I saw, now pass the chopsticks."

I am hoping...that I have time to get a hair cut next week.

On my mind...the countdown to Gulamula!

Noticing's more spring than winter now in Denver.

Pondering these words... from a cross I bought in Germany.
"Wo ich gehe, wo ich stehe, bist du guter Gott bei mir.  Wenn ich dich auch niemals sehe, weiss ich sicher; Du bist hier!"

From the kitchen...nothing since Easter.  Had delicious drunken noodles at Chy Thai in Boulder yesterday.

Around the house...last week there was 1 person and 1 dog.  This week there are 2 people, 1 dog and 2 cats. 

One of my favorite things...sitting outside with a glass of wine. 

From my picture journal...Red Rocks (4.3.10)

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