Sunday, May 31, 2009

What I Love About Sunday

This morning I went to the City Park Farmer's Market. I've never been there before. I sometimes play softball there and I've been to the zoo and museum, but not the market (or the south entrance where this fountain is). Took the dog, had some limeade and enjoyed the sunshine.
To recap the past week of new things, since returning from California:
#11 Playing Left, Right, Center for money
#12 Visiting Heritage Square in Golden (who knew there was a pseudo Victorian village in the foothills where you can ride the Scrambler)
#13 Wearing flip flops on a chair lift (Alpine sliding is not new, though I 've never done it in Colorado and the last time I did it was in Queenstown, New Zealand)
#14 Lying down on train tracks
#15 New Restaurant: El Senor Sol
#16 Going to the City Park Farmer's Market

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