Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Part 2

So putting family, sunshine and wine together in the same place has all kinds of possibilities.

Including the opportunity for new things. Although some things I debate if they qualify and may list them as temporary...if better, more exciting new things come across that's ok.

#6 Going Wine Tasting in California
(wine has definitely grown on me and I have endeavored to taste wine in other places, like New Mexico, Illinois, South Africa, Germany and Australia. But California is a beautiful place to drink wine....one right after the other)

#7 Making Sangria ~ I've only even drank Sangria once or twice, but after trying it at the Callaway winery, I then endeavored to make my own on Saturday night. Delicious!

#8 Eating Dwight's Famous "Strips" on Huntington Beach. Dwight's has been serving people for 77 years. I'm not sure if the famous strips have always been there, but even a complete stranger verified that what made the strips famous was the sauce. Their sign says "Have you striped today?" As everyone knows, striping and stripping are two different things. I'm not sure which I did yesterday morning.

#9 Wearing a dress for an entire day and not for a special occasion (graduation, Mother's Day, church, etc). I wear skirts periodically, but I actually did the sundress thing for a day. It didn't kill me. I may do it again.

#10 Enjoying a Pacific front ocean view hotel room. Been to California, Oregon and Washington and have seen the coast, but never from my hotel room. (*disclaimer: hotel rooms in Hawaii don't count....that's "south pacific.")

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