Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Summer Decline

I'm not a big TV person in general. Tonight I saw a preview for one of the summer shows on NBC called "I'm a celebrity...get me out of here." I think they're using the word "celebrity" awfully loosely, as I only recognized 2 names, and one of them was Sanjaya. Take a semi-famous person, drop them in the jungle and America gets to vote on what happens. Good times.

Summer is the experimental TV season, bringing out shows like "The Singing Bee." Long running shows, like Survivor, started in the summer. The summer that Survivor premiered, I was living in a cabin in Yellowstone with no access to TV. I heard about the show in newspapers and from friends as it was becoming a cultural phenomenon.

I would never have thought that "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" would be returning for an encore this year. I may just have to watch. It could be my token show for the summer. It's either that or the infamous big balls on Wipeout.

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  1. I miss all the American TV has to offer. Although the Mister Switzerland pageant kept me pretty entertained with its pointlessness.



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