Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Starting Slow

Last Saturday started my endeavor of trying 50 new things (and keeping track, too). I leave for California on Friday and since I haven't spent much time in So Cal, I know the opportunity for new things exists (even something as mundane as the fact that I've never been to the Pacific Ocean on Memorial Day....but that would be a cop out).

So what's "new"?

#1 I went to a baby shower. Where I could take my dog. And we drank tequila (well, not the mother to be). Earlier last week I bought a stroller for the first time in preparation for this party.
#2 I learned to play Texas Hold 'Em (note: this immediately followed the baby shower)
#3 I created my first radio station on Pandora : Island Country
#4 I had a sopapilla as an entree (and for dessert too, but the stuffed sopapilla entree at La Loma was yummy!) At the same time I feel like learned more about my boss as a person than I have in over 2 years of working with him.
#5 Today I bought 2 dresses. Buying dresses is a novelty. I even plan on wearing them both in the next few weeks. Go me!

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