Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My Travel Plans for 2016

Airplanes and I have spent a lot of time together over the past month.    The first half of December was all Myanmar and Thailand.    I came home, put in a solid 8 days of work, and then hopped on another flight to Denver for Christmas.   I came home, after a flight delay that resulted in a non-stop flight instead of a 2-stop connection {win!}, put in another solid 2 days of work, then went to Oahu to celebrate the start of this new year.

Last year I didn't have a new year's resolution, per se, rather a slogan that I put up in my kitchen.
I couldn't miss it.

Do It When I See It.  

Often I will think of something:  running a 5k, going to a festival, calling a friend, buying concert tickets - then I will get sidetracked with the general business of life, and I don't always get it done.   With my Do It When I See It mentality, I got more fun out of my year.   Hello Hong Kong?   That started with an idle thought in December of 2014 as well as a few messages to friends who might be interested and then in March 2015 it materialized into a real trip.

For 2016, I'm thinking about a word for the year.    One article I read listed three questions to consider:

1.  What do I need?
2.  What's in my way?
3.  What needs to go?

I'm working my way through those questions honestly and in depth.   I've made my way to a short list of words that may define my focus this year.  

No matter what word I select, it will tie into travel because that is one of my priorities every year.

2016 Confirmed Travel Plans

Every time I read a disturbing article about how American's don't use all their vacation time, I struggle.   That's never been my problem.    In fact, I could always use more.   Can I have yours?

I started January 1st off by going to Oahu.  This was made easier by being a short 35 minute flight from Maui from which we could see whales from the plane.  Whales!

Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden, Oahu
In May, I'll be going to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, with some friends for birthday shenanigans.   The birthday is not mine.   The shenanigans?  Well, they probably will be.

In September, I'm planning to visit a friend who is living in Teglas, Hungary and then follow it up by joining my mom on a river cruise from Budapest to Bucharest.   I've never been on a European river cruise.  Bring on the wine, culture and scenery.

Sometime this spring, I will visit Big Island.    The volcano is there and I must see.   Also, macadamia nuts and coffee.

America's Dairyland never disappoints and a trip to visit family in Wisconsin is on deck.   Usually it's summer, but maybe this year, I'll branch out to a different season.

Colorado will play host to our 4th annual sister's weekend to the Jazz Aspen Snowmass Music Experience.    In fact the Do It When I See It mantra stems from the fact that each December the tickets go on sale as Blind Faith passes.   You don't know who is performing.   And each year, even though we know we're going, we miss this reduced price ticket window.   Not this year!  We already have our tickets.

2016 Wish List Travel Plans

With all the time in the world on my 7 hour flight last week, I pulled the world map out of the airline magazine.    On the US map, I started circling all the places I'd been.    And noticed some holes on the map.

My phone GPS tried to send me a message to visit New Jersey...and my college roommate confirmed the message.   When I landed in Maui, instead of showing Kahului weather, it showed Newark.    I've technically been in NJ since traveled by bus from Newark to New York City - my criteria is that I've left the airport.   However, the rest of the state is a mystery to me.  

Sadly, I haven't given the Southeast much time and attention either.   Looking at the map, I want to explore Savannah and Charleston.  I've also got friends in North Carolina who could use a good visiting.

My international wishlist is never-ending and with two international trips on the books for this year, I think I'm good.   If a bonus international trip pops up, I'll be sure to share.

No doubt a few more locations will hit my wish list this year.   If I don't get there in 2016, maybe they can roll to the 2017 confirmed trip list!

Where are you going in 2016?    What locations are on your wish list? 

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