Sunday, January 24, 2016

Aloha Sunday Update

Shave Ice Friday...we're going to make it a thing's going to February soon.   How did that happen?

If you are in the path of all the snowstorms on the east coast, stay safe.   Yesterday I was trading pictures with a friend,  I sent her a picture of a palm tree and she sent back her snowy backyard.   We're not any more mature than we were in college, that's for sure.

You might be snuggled up with spiked coffee and a movie and I don't want to interrupt you, so here's a short list if your attention wanes:

This love letter to SPAM is everything.    I can't remember eating SPAM when I lived in the mainland, and one of my best memories with my co-workers shortly after arriving in Maui was me trying to make them eat SPAM flavored macadamia nuts.   They were NOT having it and then brought my my first SPAM musubi the next day.   Let's say that in the past two years, I've eaten more musubis than SPAM mac nuts.

How can we become Nutella Ambassadors?   This seems like the greatest gig ever.  Mark your calendar for World Nutella day on February 5th.

Have you ever not taken all the vacation time you were entitled to?   Why or why not?   This article about Americans not taking any vacation time in 2015 amazes me.   I can't imagine not taking time off when it's offered.

Not that the airlines feed you hardly anymore, but this article about the science of why food tastes different up in the air is pretty interesting.   It's why you want all the salty snacks.    The picture makes me laugh because NEVER have I had an airline meal that looks like that.   But I'm willing to try.

Whether you're snowed in and watching football, or playing outside in the sun, I hope you have a great Sunday!

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