Sunday, January 10, 2016

Aloha Sunday Update

Happy Sunday to you!

I see a lot of snow on Facebook, so I'm feeling the winter, long distance.    I even made this Chicken and Wild Rice soup in solidarity.    

Here are just some of the interesting things that you can read, cook, ponder or sing along with this week:

I don't know about you, but the Tatum vs Tatum Lip Sync Battle was, by far, the BEST thing I saw this week.    Watch it once.   Then watch it again for good measure.   If you want some more jams, might I suggest the 2015 Pop Danthology part 1 and part 2?

In 2006 I started volunteering for the Colorado Bike MS.   In 2008 I started riding my bike 150 miles each summer while raising money.   In 2011 MS became personal in our family.  Watch  this video about creating a bike that has some of the physical symptoms of MS.

'Tis the season for goals and resolutions.   Instead of wishful thinking or slaving at the gym every day for a month, focus on building habits that can last a lifetime.   Habits:  getting regular exercise, incorporating fruits/veggies into each meal, saving/investing x% of your income, calling your family, reading a book, getting a good nights sleep.     Here you go:  "Your Goals Are Overrated."

Speaking of habits....use your vacation time.   My favorite sentence of this article:  Zero.  The number of people who said "I took too many holidays this year."

Well....these two recipes have fruits and vegetables, so it can be part  of your 2016 eating habits, right?   That's my plan anyway.    Let's have some peanut and coconut noodles and raspberry cream cheese coffee cake, shall we?

Have a great week!

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