Sunday, June 14, 2015

Aloha Sunday Update

Happy Aloha Sunday!

Summer seems to be flying by, and it isn't even officially summer yet.  

Looking for a little distraction?  You've got it:

I just started watching How the States Got Their Shapes on Netflix.   This is the kind of bite-sized trivia that I really enjoy.     I learned all about the Hatfields & the McCoys,  Forgottonia, and why Bostons roads are so crazy.   It also makes me want to take another big roadtrip, complete with National Parks and random roadside attractions.    

Keeping in that map theme....this buzzfeed video that shows that if we think countries are big or small based on how they appear on a flat map,  we really don't know anything after all.   Those maps that show Greenland as about the same size as the continent of Africa?   Just a wee-bit distorted.

#Distractinglysexy - every little thing that happens now has repercussions in social media.   Power to the women in science!

The Everywhereist has been cracking me up recently, including her posts on truth in exercise classes, things in women's magazines and the horror of raisinets.

June 1 marked my second summer of completing the #100happydays challenge.   You can do it!

The Uptown Funk video for dogs looking for adoption.  Yes.

A hilarious infographic about all the uncomfortable seats that you can get on the plane.   Why am I always sitting in Economy 2:  The Reckoning?

I made you mango lemonade.

 I've checked two things off my Summer Fun list so far:  visiting Kaua'i and enjoying Hibiscus Iced Tea.    Wisconsin and my first concert of the summer are on deck for later this week!

Hanalei School,  Kaua'i

Have a joyous week!

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