Sunday, May 31, 2015

72 Hours in Monterey, Family Reunion Style

So Otterly Cute

In 2011 we went to the wedding of a cousin we had never met in Illinois.    We sat at a family table with other cousins we had never met.   It could have been all kinds of awkward.

Instead, it ended with us making a human pyramid in the reception hall.  
Nothing awkward there...just the beginning of a beautiful family-ship.   

In 2013 we decided to do it again.  No one was getting married...just a straight up family reunion in Colorado.      

Was there another pyramid?   Yes, there was.

It's the building blocks of a tradition.   All traditions have start somewhere.   And sometimes you have to be the one who starts them.   

Like no time has passed, it's 2015, and it's time to reunion again.   We continued our western leanings, this time celebrating on the California Coast in Monterey.   And for the cousins who couldn't make this trip?    We put their heads on sticks and took them with us to the aquarium and the beach so they didn't miss the fun.  

Hello cousin!
For me it was a whirlwind trip across time zones:  taking a red-eye flight from Maui on a Thursday night and returning on Tuesday morning.  

Here's what I did:
  • Visited the renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium   
  • Fish & Chips at Coopers Pub
  • Bonfire & BBQ on the beach in Carmel
  • Family Breakfast at the hotel followed by a structured (read: boring) family photo, followed by one where we deliberately didn't pay attention to the camera (read:  classic)
  • Drive down Highway 1:  hiking at Andrew Molera State Park,  photographing the iconic Bixby Bridge,  seeing Seals, Otters, and Sea Lions in their natural habitat at Point Lobos State Natural Preserve
Bixby Bridge
  • Sampled all kinds of clam chowder at Monterey Fisherman's Wharf before deciding on a restaurant for lunch
  • Watched pelicans, seals and otters from the window while eating said lunch
Cocktails and Pelicans.  Of course.
  • Sampling all kinds of flavored almonds at Stewart and Jasper before deciding on Key Lime and Orange Creme Brulee
  • Rented a bicycle surrey from Adventures by the Sea and tried not to crash into any pedestrians
  • Hit up Trader Joe's and a couple other places that we don't have on Maui

What are your favorite things to do in Monterey?   
If you have family reunions, what is your tradition?


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