Sunday, July 5, 2015

Where I Went on My Summer Vacation: Door County, Wisconsin

This pint glass, full of Summer Shandy, has a fine map showing off Door County

Aloha Friends!

It's so nice to have the holiday weekend to recover from my vacation.   I got back a week ago, jumped right back into work for 4 days.    I knew I could handle that, jet lag and all, because the weekend was coming soon and had a bonus third day.    Now, of course, I'll have to work full weeks all the way until September.   Two whole months.   Crazy.

Living in a major tourism destination like Hawaii, it's always interesting to hear where people are going when they leave the islands for vacation.     For me, it was up north to Wisconsin to relax with my family.     A beautiful 10 days of sunny weather, cheese, frozen custard, summer shandy, family and zero alarm clocks.   

Fun Things We Did

In a highly unscientific self-survey, I realize that I have seen Kenny Chesney in concert every other years since 2003 in Indiana,  Colorado, Wyoming and Wisconsin.    Kenny was at Lambeau Field again this summer and this seemed like the perfect way to start vacation.     It was 7 hours of music from Old Dominion, Cole Swindell, Brantley Gilbert, Jason Aldean, and Kenny Chesney.   
So.  Much.  Fun.   

If you're fan, definitely go out and catch a show this summer. 

Any excuse to pet goats and cows or to climb on a tractor is worth a stop.  Plus, more ice cream.  
This time at Schopf's Hilltop Dairy.  

In Sturgeon Bay there is an exhibit of...surprise, sturgeons!  At the end of the summer they will be auctioned off.  
Wine Sturgeon, a kindred spirit
While perusing the Door County visitor brochure, we discovered the Trolley Ghost Tour.    
Where you can consume adult beverages.     And there might have been a sing-a-long.  

We look ready to find ghosts, don't we?

Still looking...

Family fun continued by riding the fireboat through Sturgeon Bay and out to Lake Michigan.

Fireboat and cocktails - good times!

We also visited the roof goats in Sister Bay.   I had no idea that we had narrowly missed the goat parade.   I like whale parades, so I know I would like a goat parade.   In fact, it is a BYOG parade.   Got a goat?  You can walk it in the parade.    

Hello roof goat

Do  you want to see the goats right now?   Check out the goat cam!  

Delicious Things Consumed

It's called America's Dairyland for a reason.  First stop after leaving the airport in Milwaukee was Kopp's.   I've got to say my sister and I have quite a collection of ice cream cone photos at this point in our life.   

We might have gone out for custard again on our way back down towards Milwaukee.   This time at Culver's.  

There was also our annual pilgrimage to Renard's Cheese.   Yes, cheese came home in my suitcase. No shame here.

Other places we ate, sampled or purchased included:  Door County Coffee,  Wood Orchard, Sonny's Pizza,  Holey Cow Ice Cream,  Door County Creamery,  Buchanan's (Wednesday Rib Night) and The Cabin (Fish Fry).    

Last but not least

Blowing bubbles with my niece before going out on the pontoon boat.   Gotta say it's been a while.

Since I didn't have a fishing license, I caught some rays instead.    With an adult beverage.  

Where are you going on your summer vacation?

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