Monday, December 23, 2013

The Joy of Tiny Planes and Airports

Two weekends ago I took my first trip off-island to visit a friend who is spending the holidays in Oahu.    Honolulu is the "big city" of Hawaii and a popular place to go shopping.   Hello...they have Target.  
I took a little commuter plane from the little airport in Kapalua.   I think this was the smallest plane I've ever been on - the flight from Aruba to Curacao being the second smallest plane ever.    This is the kind of plane where they weigh YOU to evenly distribute the weight.  
It's flight seeing with a destination.   The pilot gave us permission to use cameras or phones in airplane mode.   And the Kapalua airport is about 5 minutes from home.   So easy.
The view from the Kapalua airport
Security even pointed out the whales!
Hi Molokai

And the pilots have a map

Woo!  Big city from the air.

Have you gone flightseeing or taken a tiny plane?   Yay or Nay? 
As for's so easy and convenient, I will definitely do it again.

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