Friday, December 13, 2013

Tree Lighting Lahaina Style: The Annual Lighting of the Banyan Tree

Aside from one Christmas spent in Egypt, I've always been in cold-weather climates for Christmas.    Maybe it feels like tradition just because it's what I'm used to.    Or because the all the carols refer to fireplaces and snow.  
{As a side note, my sister has been asking friends to post a picture of themselves in their snowflake, holiday or other comfy pants, on Facebook.    This is her way to try to embrace the ridiculously cold weather that hit most of the country in the past week or so.    I've been taken to task for not participating.   And that's because I no longer wear pants.   Except at work.  Because, you know, it's work.}
I'm determined to capture the spirit this year, just like every year before.    And that means jumping in with both of my tan, bare feet and embracing the Christmas celebrations here in Maui.
There may be banyan trees all over Hawaii, but in downtown Lahaina we have the Banyan Tree.   It's huge and it's a central fixture along Front Street.   On the weekends, and maybe more often, the local artists showcase their craft under the giant tree.  And every year there is a Christmas celebration at the lighting of the tree.  
I proudly present the annual lighting of the Banyan Tree in Lahaina.  
There's a sign = it's official
The tree pre-lighting

The Lahainaluna High School Band playing carols
Beautiful Banyan

Why hello there Hawaii Snowman!


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