Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolutions...and some scenic pictures of Oahu

Scenic pictures of Oahu

Happy 2014 to You!

Hard to believe it's a new year.   Everything is new.  
-You will have to remember to write/type 14 on things
-You're going to have goals and expectations and resolve to do least for January
-You can no longer pretend that cookies for breakfast is normal (after is a holiday so cookies are perfectly acceptable)

I haven't resolved to do anything yet...I might as well wait a few days.   
The things I know for sure:
-I am living in Maui
-I am going to Ireland
-I'm going to get some kind of furniture for my living/dining room
-I am starting 2014 by sleeping in

That's all I can resolve for now. 

And now for a few pictures of Oahu.    Last week I mentioned that the big thing to do in Oahu (at least when you live in Maui) is to go shopping.   But I didn't go shopping.*   Instead I sat on the canal, drank wine, went to the beach, and went to Island Snow for shave ice (the same place the Obamas go...we're cool like that). 

*I lied.   I bought a housewarming gift.   And I received the "Journal of Awesome" from my friend.   I also bought coffee, pastry and musubi. 

Alright you overachiever (yes you).   Did you make a resolution?   Have you broken it yet?

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