Saturday, February 11, 2012

What the World Needs is Bigger Breakfasts (and more proverbs)

This week on the radio the am show on KS 107.5 was talking about a study where two groups were on a low-carb diets.   One group got to have cake (or other desserts) with their breakfast.   Over the course of the study, that group lost more weight and  kept it off longer. 

I've known for years that Key Lime Pie is a great breakfast.   Now I have validation.  

I love breakfast.   I do not like getting up in the morning.   I give myself the minimum time to shower, dress, walk the dog, and roll out the door.   Breakfast is handheld like a banana or a cereal bar.   I can't go without breakfast or my attitude goes downhill.  Not having breakfast just convinces your body that you're starving, so it holds on to the fat and your metabolism doesn't get a jump start.    

This study made me think about that proverb that goes something to the effect:  Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince and Dinner Like a Pauper.  Not only is it an intersting proverb, it makes some nutritional sense.  If breakfast is your biggest, higher calorie, meal your body has fuel for the day and you have all day to burn it off. 

I was visiting friends yesterday and brought dessert to their house.   She told me that she and her husband have a 90 day goal to not eat dessert after 7pm.   That, along with a conscious effort to get some kind of exercise every day, taking the stairs, swimming, or even pushing a stroller, is paying off.    I mentioned this study and the quote about eating breakfast like a king.    She shared with me a Russian proverb that has the same message:  Eat Your Breakfast Alone, Share Your Lunch with a Friend, Give Your Dinner to Your Enemy.   She said that she used to do this - enjoying a big breakfast, a salad for lunch and fruit and yogurt for dinner.  

I'm intrigued on a couple levels.  
  • Going out for breakfast is a much better value than going out for dinner
  • It opens up a whole new world of recipes that I hardly ever use - and not just baking (my personal preference)
  • I usually get home after 7 or 8 on weeknights and having cereal, fruit, yogurt or a bowl of soup is a quick and easy dinner
I'm pretty sure this doesn't justify donuts.  At least not every day.


  1. It totally justifies donuts. According to one of the daytime shows I watch, donuts have almost only half calories of a cookie per volume. Dense foods tend to have more calories than the ones that trap the air or water.

  2. That's all the scientific reasoning I need. Thanks, Natalia!



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