Saturday, February 4, 2012

Free HR Advice: Know Where You're Applying

"umm...where are you located?"

Yet another awkward question that you don't want to ask when you are talking to a recruiter about a position.   In the world of online applications you can sometimes apply for multiple positions within the same company.  Not all of those positions are located in the same the city you live in.

This isn't so much an issue if you walk into a local business and apply directly for that location.  For those who are completing applications on their laptop at home in their bunny slippers while drinking coffee, there is definitely the opportunity to spam a company with applications to positions all over the country from an entry level janitor in Jersey to the VP of Sales in Silicone Valley. 

Online application programs all vary, but for many, you should have the option to either pick a geographic location by state, city or by individual business location (Store #____ on _____ Street in Denver, CO). 

When you go to a company's website and click the careers link, you will probably be taken to a site that shows all their jobs where you can search by position, field, location, etc.   Please pay attention.

Sometimes I'll answer a call where the applicant on the other end says, "I applied for ______ position at your location last week, and I wanted to check that you got my application."  After searching in the application database for all applications received by our entire corporation, I find that that he/she has actually applied to a location in Dallas.  

Even if you have successfully applied to positions in your desired location, please research where that physical office / property / store actually is in the city in question.   That way when you're talking to the hiring manager on the phone and they ask "Are you familiar with where our _______ is?" You can confidently answer, Yes!

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