Thursday, February 2, 2012

Free HR Advice: Why Do You Want To Work For Us?

You've successfully navigated the often frustrating world of (primarily) online job applications, and you get a call from a recruiter.    Every phone interview or screening is a little bit different, but the odds are they are going to ask you some variation of this question.

Why do you want to work for _____________ (insert company name here)?

Do your homework and be prepared to answer this question.   This question should not come as a surprise to you.   You should not be hmmming, ummming or responding with "Wow that's a difficult question."

Hopefully you've done a little research on the companies where you are applying.   Look at their website.  Look at their career page.   Look at their community involvement.   Talk to friends who work there.  If it's a public business (retail, hotel, restaurant, etc) walk in to get a feel of the location.

I beg you.  Do not answer this question with "I need a job."  

It's true.   It's a tough economy right now.   Companies may be getting hundreds of applications for a single posted position.   Most companies are looking for a person who will be the right fit for their culture, team and the service that they provide.   Most companies are looking for more than a warm, breathing body who needs a job.   They can afford to be picky.

So even if you do need a job, any job, simply to pay your rent and buy groceries, please take a few minutes to prepare a better answer to the question Why do you want to work for us? 

This is a chance to highlight your skills, knowledge, experience, and to show the recruiter that you've done a little homework about their organization.   Use it to your advantage.

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