Monday, January 30, 2012

Free HR Advice: Evaluate Your Email

I set up my first Yahoo email address when I was in college.   I still have that email address today.   Pre-Facebook, friends knew that they could find me at that address even if they didn't know where I lived or what my number was.  That email address was based off a nickname.  It's fine for friends, it's fine for me to get notifications from my vet or offers from Groupon.   I wouldn't put it on my resume.

Most applications are all done online.  You will get notifications of openings via email.  You will get "sorry you weren't selected" notices via email.  You will take assessments and surveys via email.   You have a great interview and they love you and offer you a job?  You may get an offer letter via email.

Email addresses are free.   It's ok to sign up for a new one just for your job search.

Your ringtone can be a first impression once you've gotten past the application stage.   Your email address will probably be seen first.  On a resume, most people put their email address right below their name.  

Imagine seeing this on a resume:

First Name Last Name
123 Maple Street  Denver, CO

How's that for a first impression?

Go ahead, be judgemental.   What's your first impression based on these made up email addresses?

Yahoo.  Gmail.  MSN.  Whatever.   Setup an email address that is some variation of your name.

Don't shoot yourself in the foot in your job search.  You don't want something this simple to give a recruiter the idea that you aren't serious about your career.

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