Monday, April 25, 2011

Traveler Goes to Cooking School: Aurora Recreation

 I don't think that I've been in a cooking class since college.  It college it was a bit of a running joke because I would come home with food and flower arrangements from my classes.  My roommates brought home 20th century music or microbiology homework.   For years I've been getting mailings from Aurora Recreation but have never enrolled in a class.  That changed last week when I went to the "Kitchen on the Green" for a class called Best Chocolate Desserts Ever.  They were pretty good.  The crepes on the left were my project start to finish, including the chocolate creme anglaise sauce on the plate and the chocolate souffle filling inside (you can't see it, but know it was delicious).   The chocolate cake was the product of some of my classmates.   The nice part about class?  Some ingredients like the chocolate was pre-measured.   There is a teacher's helper who primarily helps you find things and then washes your dishes.   We also make Chocolate Croquembouche, Mint Milk Chocolate Fondue and Mayan Chocolate Truffles.   I used a chocolate tempering machine and learned how to dip truffles so that they are smooth with a glossy finish.   

All those people who promote 'lifelong learning' are right! 

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