Saturday, April 2, 2011

Project 365 - The End of March

March 26 - Beautiful morning skiing at Keystone followed by a visit to my favorite shop in Georgetown....followed by holding a 6 day old baby....followed by Juicy Lucy burgers, cookies and sangria.

March 27 - My sister was concerned that she had not yet had 'Colorado Style' pizza,
so we went to BeauJos
March 28 - Caution tape on the sidewalk...random
March 29 - Kickoff for the 2011 Relay for Life at Cap City Tavern.  The theme for this year's relay is the 50s so we played a game where you had to guess the tv show stuck to your back.  Mine was Flipper.  This was also the beginning of the 'let's go out every day this week' dinner plan.
March 30 - It's called happy hour when you spend it with friends.  This time at Paramount Cafe.  Below is the book I was reading this week.   It was written in 2006 about the Mt. St. Helen's eruption in 1980.  It's strange to read about a time with no cell phones and call waiting.  

March 31 - Celebrating a friend's birthday at Great Northern Tavern. I had the pasta with pesto, chicken, and sun dried tomato.  Yum!

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