Saturday, June 12, 2010

First Day in Guatemala

My alarm went off at 3am and now it's almost ten.  A busy day of travel and great start to my first mission trip with Wellshire.  It was very strange when one of the Habitat affiliates asked if I was a chaperone...not a word I usually use, but since I am one of 12 "responsible" adults, I guess it's accurate.   It's been over 4 months since I last left the US, so it was about time to go again.  This is also the last trip (sniff) on my current passport.   The passport that has stamps from all continents except Antartica.

The verse that is on our shirts and water bottles is "Ustedes deben amarse unos a otros como yo los he amado." The translation (loosely) Love one another as I have loved you.   It's a very fitting statement for our trip.    Today I learned that even teenage boys love Sky Mall magazine in airplanes.   Also, that our highlighter yellow / chartreuse t-shirts make it really easy to spot our group in the airport.   I think I like it better than the "God's Gang" buttons I used to wear on mission trips in junior high. 

We are staying at the Biltmore Express hotel in Guatemala City, just for tonight.  The weather has alternated between drizzle and downpour.    We had a great worship service in an atrium area that connects our more modest hotel with the swanky Westin Camino Real.   After Bible study and a quick nap, we split for dinner.  The group I went with enjoyed tasty treats at tacoconteno.  Choriqueso for my entree, limonada to drink and a fruit and cream stuffed chimichanga for dessert.   Also the biggest pinatas I have ever seen. 
First day of fun, done!  8 more to go.   Hasta luego!

worship service in hotel atrium

Que rico!  Dinner at tacocontento

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  1. Such an exciting journey you all are on. Trusting your travels today were graced with God's blessings. I am thankful we have this technology to keep "in touch" with the trip. Anxious to check in daily to read about the day's happenings. God's love and presence are with you. Prayers from Indiana are being lifted up!



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